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HPPS has answers to all your questions and requirements in the area of Project Management

Your requirement:
  • Project Management is not part of your core competences?
  • Your are lacking sufficiently available Project Managers?
  • You need an external Project Manager and some fresh blood for a politically "hot" project?
Our answer: Temporary Project Manager
Your requirement:
  • You want an external and neutral view on your projects?
  • The Project Controllers of your Project Office are overloaded?
  • Your Executive Board looks for a status on your critical projects?
Our answer: Temporary Project Controller
Your requirement:
  • The collaboration between your business and IT departments is inefficient and perhaps even blocked?
  • Your IT department is planning and executing projects with insufficient involvement of Business?
  • Too much delayed or failed projects have destroyed the base of trust between Business and IT?
Our answer: Coordinator ("interface") between Business and IT
Your requirement:
  • The processes and responsibilities for planning and execution of projects are unclear?
  • Too many requests for project and running projects in parallel have passed your limits of capacities?
  • Your Top Management has the objective to increase your level of maturity in Project Management?
Our answer: Assessment of the Project Management governance (Health-Check) resulting in recommendations
Your requirement:
  • So many systems for Project Management on the market but what solution for your company?
  • Your existing solution for Project Management is no more meeting requirements and expectations?
  • You are looking for a neutral opinion to qualify sales arguments of Project Management Software editors?
Our answer: Assessment of Project Portfolio and Project Management solutions
Your requirement:
  • Processes and organization for Project Management are in place but you are lacking a system solution?
  • Your decision has been taken to replace your existing Project Management system?
  • Your Project Management system must be migrated to a more recent version?
Our answer: Implementation of Project Portfolio and Project Management solutions
Your requirement:
  • You have qualified a PMO implementation being mandatory but still need to "sell" it to Top Management?
  • At what level of the organization to implement a Project Office?
  • Where and how to start with the implementation of a Project Management Office?
Our answer: Implementation of Project Management Office structures
Your requirement:
  • Your internal Project Manager is lacking experience in setting up and launching a project in a professional manner?
  • You are lacking best practices in some domains of Project Management (e.g. Project Risk Management)?
  • Your team of (technical) Project Managers shall evolve towards a Project Management Competence Center?
Our answer: Coaching de Project Managers or Project teams

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